Petrol and fuel station

logo1 The Cooperative offers all its partners and customers a service station 3,000 m2 where you can be supplied the following products:

-Diesel A
-Diesel Extra Adiesel
-Diesel B
-Petrol Unleaded 95

Our products meet the highest quality, from major suppliers and guaranteed by insurance to petroleum products CLH Group, leading enterprise storage and transportation of petroleum products in Spain, which plays a key role in ensuring society easy access and and management based on criteria of commitment to sustainability, security, efficiency. Therefore, the quality of our products allows us a wide loyalty of our partners and customers.
After improvement and renewal of our station, our diesels are microfiltration.
On both sides of each of our suppliers, you can see a green lacquered metal boxes and glass color, containing within it the microfilter fuel, by passing all the fuel we provided to our customers. The function of these microfilters is remove solid microparticles and water that may contain suspended.
Applying this technology to our fuel, we assure our customers a high quality product that improves engine performance while reducing consumption. On the one hand, the fuel does not have moisture and therefore the combustion is cleaner, and secondly, does not contain solid particles that could clog the nozzles with the passage of time. Thus, engine performance is maximized and power consumption reduced.

Our prices, the trust of our customers and our purchasing power allows us to offer a quality product at a lower price than our competitors, providing significant savings in fuel costs of our partners and customers.
Also, partners and customers have Gasoil service delivery, which can apply by calling 615 228 110.
You can also purchase bottled gas cylinders Repsol brand.


Monday to Saturday 06:00 to 22:00

Sunday 6:00 to 15:00 and 17:00 to 21:00

• Open 365 days a year
• Service 24 hours fuel self-service

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