Charter Supermarket

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In La Vereda Center, we have a CHARTER supermarket, with an approximate area of 500 m2, which has a wide variety of products for your everyday shopping with the quality and assurance offered by a brand as Consum.

We also have a large parking area for shopping in a calm and comfortable way.

In our store you will find different sections:

Bakery, where you can buy freshly baked bread and pastries.
Fresh, which has a wide variety of dairy products, delicatessen, meat and precooked dishes.
Frozen products, where there are fish, vegetables, ready meals, cakes, etc.
Drugstore, with a variety of cleaning products for home, personal care and beauty.
Food, where you can find all kinds of canned food.
Drinks, where you will find all kinds of sodas, waters and juices and also refrigerated beverage.? – Cooperative Products. In this section you will find different wines and valencian spirits and virgin olive oils.
Horticultural products from our store.

We have a wide opening service hour, in which our staff will kindly help you with anything you may need.



Monday to Saturday 07:30 to 21:30
Sundays and holidays 08:00 to 15:00

Tel.: 96 160 23 9696 160 01 21


Picture Gallery

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