About us

The June 16, 1978 Cooperative Bétera it born, by concerns that farmers had before the change from traditional agriculture to agricultural industrialization, given the economic situation of the country and the political and social changes in this era Spanish transition.

The original name of our cooperative was “Society Agricultural Cooperative and Rural Bétera box” and his name has evolved over time to adapt to the current regulations and the needs of the moment, and its current name Agricultural Cooperative Bétera Coop. V., commercially known as COABE.

Two sections initially formed the structure of the Cooperative: the store fertilizers and Credit Section, a structure that was soon extended to the feed section, acquiring products originating mostly from other cooperatives, and offering more service to partners.

Continuing the expansion process and its partners will continue to grow and offer an ever more comprehensive service, selling accessories and parts for tractors, agricultural tools and utensils starts.

The effort of the founding partners, soon began to bear fruit, with very satisfactory results. Thus, in late 1981 it begins to take shape the current assets of the cooperative, with the purchase of the land in Camino Alcublas where a supply depot covering demand, growing, partners and was built where today Fruit Warehouse located and the Centre La Vereda. These facilities are complemented by the Headquarters, located in the center of the town, to give a more accessible and close service.

Today, the greatest asset of the cooperative consists of its nearly 4,000 members, most of them farmers, customers and all the people who work there. Their collaboration and trust has enabled it to become a cooperative enterprise of first-degree and one of the first in the county of Camp de Turia, to offer its partners a comprehensive range of services.

What is our philosophy?

Coabe Mission

We are a cooperative venture aimed at meeting the needs of our partners and customers , committed to deliver high value within a wide range of services , all aimed at the sustainability of farms .
We also offer our employees the opportunity to develop and expand their skills .

Coabe Vission

Our goal is to be a great cooperative enterprise that generates confidence and hope in the partner.

Coabe Values